Nordstrom Rack : bObsweep Vacuums Up to 75% Off

This cute and helpful friend is here to help lighten your workload! – Color: Rouge – Bob vacuums, sweeps, mops, shines UV-C light, and filtrates particles to tackle dirt and germs. – His 1100 mL dustbin gives him an insatiable appetite for dirt and pet hair. Many robots have a dustbin size of 500mL or smaller.

– Bob’s extra-long main brush covers 11 inches in just a single sweep, and his side brush reaches those corners with 12 arms. – Highly efficient dual-filter captures small particles. – Bob obeys the cleaning schedule you give him for any and all days of the week. – He cleans many types of floors including hardwood, tile, and carpet while avoiding stairs and cliffs, and returns to his charging station when low on battery.

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===>> Nordstrom Rack : bObsweep Vacuums Up to 75% Off

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