1,000/800-Watt Gasoline Powered Digital Inverter Generator $199

Safely charge and run your computer, TV, DVD player and more with the Sportsman Series 800/1000-watt Inverter Generator. Sine wave power delivers clean, stable and reliable power making it safe for use with sensitive electronics. You won’t have to leave your tablets, computers and televisions at home anymore. Great for use at home or with the RV and camper, fire up Sportsman Series 1000 surge-watt Inverter Generator at football games, while camping and scouting. The 800 running-watt Inverter Generator can even be used as a portable power source on industrial projects and job sites. Designed with camping and outdoor fun in mind, the Sportsman Inverter Generator is equipped with one 120-Volt AC outlets and one 12-Volt DC outlet for battery charging.

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===>> 1,000/800-Watt Gasoline Powered Digital Inverter Generator $199

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