Switchmate Cube Wireless Smart Home Security Camera (2-Pack) $49.99 (62% OFF)

With the SimplySmart Cube, you’re always connected to home. With just one tap, check on your pets from the office, chat with a delivery man, or let an intruder know you’ve called the police. SimplySmart Cube is weatherproof and includes night vision. Taking only one minute to install, the SimplySmart Cube is a wire-free weatherproof HD camera to keep you always one tap away from home from virtually anywhere. With doorbell, motion, and voice activation, place the Cube inside or outside of your home for instant activity alerts day or night, rain or shine. See and speak to your kids, pets, or visitors. No tools or wiring are needed and even keep your doorbell for doorbell activated alerts. 

With Motion and Voice Activation, the Cube records activity when somebody comes into frame or when prompted by voice commands so you can keep track of what’s going on at home at all times. Weatherproof with night vision and equipped with a doorbell sensor, you can put your Cube camera wherever you need to keep an eye on the things you love most. Take control by securing your home today!

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Switchmate Cube Wireless Smart Home Security Camera (2-Pack) $49.99 (62% OFF)

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