Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Smartphone with S-Pen (128GB Unlocked) $259.99 (74% OFF)

With the unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you call the shots. Choose your own carrier and data plan so you can get your phone exactly the way you want it. The Galaxy Note 9 has twice as much storage as the Note 8, which means more music, more videos, more pictures, and less worry when it comes to space on your phone. When you have a long-lasting battery, you really can go all day and all night. The Galaxy Note 9 gives you a quick network connection for incredibly fast streaming and downloading, so you can do more, uninterrupted.

At 6.4”, the Galaxy Note 9 has the largest screen of any Galaxy phone. Perfect for gaming and streaming, our Super AMOLED display is bigger than ever before. The revolutionary Dual Aperture lens that self-adapts between f/1.5 and f/2.4 apertures depending on available light, so you get beautiful photos in any light. Still amazing on screen, but now the S Pen has more power off-screen. Remotely control different applications and use the S Pen to capture shots from far away, scroll, play music, and stop/start recording video.

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===>> Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Smartphone with S-Pen (128GB Unlocked) $259.99 (74% OFF)


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